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I'm not that positive that I'm allowed to post these here, but I hope I am! :)

[1] Jack Johnson (Only The Ocean)
[2] Dashboard Confessional (Belle Of The Boulevard)
[1] Plain White Ts (Rhythm Of Love)
[1] Parachute (All That I Am)
[1] My converse :)

follow the link!

[10x] = Music Lyrics


AND .. textless icons ARE NOT bases. Credit please!
Credit wickedful_x ; or SharBar Art 

 Rest Of The Icons ...Collapse )
These are the results at my first go at making icons. Not much, but I figured I’d share. Critiques would be nice. (:
(Most of these are inspired by the dramarama going on over the band Panic at the Disco’s split and the avalanche of drama that resulted in patd.)

[6] "Team..."
[6] Panic at the Disco
[4] Three Little Birds lyrics
[3] Misc/text.

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( Every little thing… )

WARNING: Image heavy. There are a lot of icons below. :P

-Actors (Naomi Watts, Heath Ledger, Kristen Bell, Tom Welling, Keira Knightley, Emmy Rossum, Rachel McAdams, Emma Watson; some with Clemence Posey)

-Harry Potter
-Billy Elliot
-Stand By Me
-Into The Wild
-Saturday Night Live (Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals, Backstage with Andy and Mark)
-Stock (children, books, people, carousel, shoes)
-Song Lyrics (various Spring Awakening songs, 'Gravity,' 'Love Remains the Same,' 'For Me, It's You,' 'Up and Up,' 'Bruises,' 'World,' 'Revolution,' 'Let It Be')
-The Beatles
lyrics02.png image by cheeseluver lyrics18.png image by cheeseluver sa02.png image by cheeseluver
the rest are over here at my journal.
I'm back on my mission to icon every Brand New song for my icon community grandthefticons  , so here are 23 icons with lyrics from "OK, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" from the album Deja Entendu.


---} see all 23 @ my icon community {---

PLEASE take and enjoy! Comments and credit are love, not mandatory.
[26] Juno
[01] Ryan Reynolds
[04] Amy Winehouse
[03] Britney Spears
[06] Lindsay Lohan
[04] FM Magazine Photoshoot
[03] Spoon Magazine Photoshoot
[05] Fleetwood Mac
[04] The Smiths
[07] The Sopranos
[04] Heath Ledger
[09] River Pheonix
[02] Sundance Polaroids
[10] Text
[13] Democratic Presidential Candidates
[04] Other

((and rest are here ))

Comment and credit, thank you.
19 - Lost.
10 - Supernatural.
07 - Coheed & Cambria Lyrics.

Here @ My Lj.
[10] Blind Melon - "No Rain"
[15] Chris Pureka - "Cynical"

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(the rest are through this fake cut!)
[11] Misc. stock images

Icons can be found here.
Some icons.
Mostly Christian-lyrics based.

[03] Lifehouse lyrics
[03] Bible verses
[13] New Creation Church lyrics

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( Follow the white rabbit. )